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We sell property

Probate Sales Office was established by Lance Trendall in 2010 to sell property for executors and prevent some of the dodgy practices that he’d witnessed during his estate agency career and give a better service to this important sector of the market.

When selling a property after a death we believe there is a need for greater empathy and efficiency. “Executors have a great responsibility to do the right thing, so we help with that and provide a free report to show the history of the sale to avoid any family disputes”.

Probate Sales Office sells high demand homes and land by inviting ‘best offers’, a process that unscrupulous buyers and agents sometimes attempt to corrupt. We prevent fraud by making sure bids are dealt with properly to give clients complete peace of mind.

Lance adds “This is an important service and it should be delivered efficiently and respectfully”. It is great business for us, because we know the home will be sold, so we are able to donate 10% of our fee to charity”.

10% of the sales fee goes to charity, 5% to the hospice nearest the property and the client nominates a church, charity or hospice to receive the other 5%.

We sell homes, land and property portfolios.


“Give me a call to see if this service is right for you on 01582 460046 or send me an email  and I’ll ring you.”


Executors need a service they can trust.

Experience is vital when dealing with a property sale after a death



Retired MP The Right Honerable Peter Lilley, now Baron Lilley of Offa, supported the first donation to a hospice made by Probate Sales Office.

Specialist in probate sales since 2010 and in general agency since 1976, founder Lance Trendall, on the right, has experience you can depend on, in property and dealing with people and property.

The Royal British Legion donation June 2013 smaller


Here a fundraiser at Royal British Legion receives a donation from a probate sale.

Professionally qualified in marketing, Lance is able to advise on strategy for selling homes, property portfolios plus land with and without planning permission.

“My training included ’cause related marketing’, and it was only when I started donating 10% of the fee to charity that i realised I was finally doing what my tutors suggested over 20 years ago!”

St Wilfreds cropped s


A donation to Wilfred’s Hospice in Chichester shows the wide area covered by Hertfordshire based Probate Sales Office.

Properties with potential attract a lot of interest, not just from home improvers, but also from speculators wanting to make a profit. This can lead to an effort from some buyers to corrupt the bidding process by offering inducements to estate agents.

“Over the years I’ve heard of back-handers being paid to some otherwise professional agents. Having declined an offer of 50,000 euros to disclose other bids on a land sale, I know I can promise a trustworthy service” Lance’s integrity has been well and truly tested by people in the property business.