10% to charity

We still give 10% of the fee to charity. We’ve always given 5% to the hospice nearest the property sold, then the client nominates their preferred church, charity or hospice to receive the other 5%.

Now we’re all facing the impact of the Coronavirus and the threat of Covid-19, it is possible to nominate the NHS to receive the 5% client donation to help raise money for the NHS.

We’re still backing the hospice movement because their fundraising activities will be badly hindered by the lockdown and as they are only partially funded by the Government they will be needing donations.

All charities will be under financial stress now, more than ever, so lets keep giving if we can.

Please consider recommending Probate Sales Office so we can keep donating 10% of our fees on each probate sale and sales for Court of Protection Deputies and Powers of Attorney.

Stay safe.