St Francis Hopsice Essex Donation from  Probate Sales Office resized_edited

St Francis Hospice benefits from a donation after a probate sale in Essex.

St Wilfreds Hospice cropped

St Wilfred’s Hospice received a donation after a probate sale in Chichester.

The Royal British Legion donation June 2013 smaller_edited

A client nominated Royal British Legion to receive 5% of our fee.

A selection of photos showing just a few of the ways our clients have helped charities and hospices when they choose our service and we give 10% of our fee to charity. Choose Probate Sales Office and we’ll give 5% to the nearest hospice and you choose which Church, Charity or Hospice receives the other 5%. In the days of Covid-19 you can also donate to the NHS, if you wish. Contact us if you want your volunteers to recommend Probate Sales Office to help capture money for your charity. If you recommend us, you can decide where 5% of our fee goes, so you can nominate your charity.

Keech House Maggie Doust c smaller

Keech Children’s Hospice was a grateful recipient of a donation, when nominated by another of our satisfied clients

Probate Sales Cheque Presentation 003 HR tighter crop

Grove House Hospice, now renamed Rennie Grove Hospice Care has received quite a few donations from Probate Sales Office.


Hertfordshire Community Foundation was nominated by a client of Probate Sales Office and received 5% of our fee to help with their charity work.