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Solicitors, you may have a relationship with a local agent, one you trust and there may be reciprocal business referrals between your firms. What do you do when your existing client dies after moving to another area? Could Probate Sales Office provide a better solution for you than Googling estate agents or picking one at random?

If you instruct Probate Sales Office, we can organise a Homebuyers report and valuation or invite agents to value the property before we put it on the market for you.

We cover a wide area and work in the South of England, we can sell jointly with a local agent or market the property direct ourselves.

We also sell homes when a Power of Attorney is assisting an elderly person who is moving into a retirement or care home.

Whenever you are selling on behalf of another party, we can help you be seen to discharge your responsibility with total integrity and provide a report to demonstrate that sound decisions made before, during and after the sale.

To discuss your needs on any probate sale, simply ring or email us for a free informal chat.

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Case Study: Bristol


This property in Bristol is about 130 miles and a two and a quarter hour drive from Hertfordshire where Probate Sales Office is based.


The property to be sold was a Victorian terraced home on four floors that was in need of renovation. Just the sort of property to attract builders wanting to get the inside story on what to offer from their ‘friendly’ estate agent, so a perfect time to call Probate Sales Office for a trusted impartial service, immune to bribes and local influences.


On instructions we obtained local valuations and reported to the Executor with advice on price and marketing. We appointed a local agent to act jointly with us, defining their responsibility was to service enquiries and do viewings, while Probate Sales Office would deal with all offers and particularly processing the opening of Best Offers.

By dealing with offers away from the local market, we could be certain there was no temptation to disclose offer details to any interested parties by a local agent.


Offers were received and reported to the Executor along with our advice on the top bids, allowing the client to make an informed choice that can be justified in our report and to the beneficiaries.

Sale agreed and progressed to completion in a timely fashion.

10% of the fee donated to charity.


Shows that Probate Sales Office can provide a trusted sales solution over a wide area, in cooperation with local agents and still provide assurance of a trusted service.

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Case Study: Chichester


The property was in Chichester, one hundred miles and almost a two hour drive from Probate Sales Office in Hertfordshire.


The property was a 1970’s 3 bed semi detached house in a cul de sac in a village to the south of Chichester. It was clean and tidy, but fairly dated by most buyers’ standards. It had potential for improvement and perhaps extending.


Valuations were obtained and the Executor was advised on pricing and marketing strategy. Probate Sales Office advertised the property on Rightmove, with a For Sale board and also in the local newspaper. Open day viewings were accompanied by Probate Sales Office staff on two Saturdays and a Sunday and due to the significant interest generated, Best offers were invited.


Offers were received and opened away from all staff, to guarantee secrecy and integrity of the bidding process. Bids were reported to the Executor, with due diligence on the upper bidders and advice was provided to inform the Executors choice of buyer.

Sale was agreed and progressed to a timely completion. 10% of the fee was donated to charity, 5% going to the local St Wilfred’s Hospice.


The sale of this property over 100 miles from Probate Sales Office shows the long reach and it is not always necessary to use a local agent, so a trusted service can be delivered over a wide area to guarantee the integrity of the sale.